Good food has always been a passion for me and what makes life good – the overall experience of how we enjoy life and the choices we make for ourselves in order to thrive on all levels.

My firm opinion is that healthy also has to taste good! If it doesn’t, if we force feed ourselves instead of enjoy what we eat, it can not be completely healthy according to me. How we experience our lives and how our lives are composed, has everything to do with what we put into our bodies and our minds.

Life is supposed to be good for you and therefore it’s important to eat what makes you feel good, not just emotionally but also physically. We say that “We are what we eat,” – and we are. But what we choose to take in mentally, also becomes apart of what we consist as individuals in the same way.

We deserve to enjoy what we eat, to feel happy emotionally and to live in a healthy body and we can do that by choosing what is good for us on the physical level as well as the emotional and mental levels. And that also means the right to enjoy food that is healthy, sweet and beautiful all at the same time, if that’s what you like!

Since I am myself sensitive to wheat, dairy and refined sugar and at the same time have a real sweet tooth I want to create recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone for the taste and experience, not just the healthy ingredients.

With background in educational work with children of different ages, with management training and management experience as head chef and with great curiosity in what creates genuine health, I have a wide range of life experience and personal resources. I am originally from Stockholm where I now live and receive clients, working as an NLP-Coach.


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  1. In your “carrot cake with walnut flour”…can I use anything to replace the honey/syrup. I am not supposed to eat any sugar or fruit..in any shape..except Stevia.

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