Atlantean Healing

kalvis maj-10 027 - Kopia [320x200]Atlantean Healing ™ – sessions are designed to balance the body’s energy field and heal energy imbalances that can be the cause of illness or emotional imbalances. During the session we also focus on listening to your body and its messages to find out more about the underlying causes of the imbalances.

Atlantean Healing energy is of a very high frequency and is powerful but it percieved as soft and light when channeling it and receiving it. The energy is used mostly without physical contact, and it can also be sent from a distance.

The highest good of the client is always the main intention during a session. As a practitioner, I respect the client’s position in their own development and the lessons that he or she is currently working on. During the sessions I will often recieve messages for the client to use in his or her own self-healing and personal development.

* An Atlantean Healing session does not in any way replace a medical diagnosis or treatment.


30 min: 50 € / 35 € via Skype

45 min: 75 € / 60 € via Skype


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