NLP Breakthrough Coaching

Live Your TruthWhy:

This unique therapy method offers you the space to safely surrender to the process of the breakthrough you need to move forward on your own. During the 4 or 8 hour sessions, you get the opportunity to release the issues that has till now remained hidden and access the resources to be all that you can be.

During the sessions, I work with NLP techniques and Transformational NLP.

Negative emotions, problematic relationships and physical dis-ease are all symptoms of negative “beliefs”, blockages in your inner world or negative imprints in your unconscious model of the world and energy body. Everything in your life is a reflection of what is going on inside you. When you change your inner world, it is immediately reflected in your outer reality.

Are you ready to discover that you can go far beyond where you are right now?


The first step is that you answer a number of very specificly phresed questions in writing that you send to me.

Then we meet for a first thorough question-answer session that takes about 1-3 hours (depending on which format you choose).

After that, not more than a week later, it is time for the Break-Through session when we communicate mostly with your unconscious mind, where the negative imprints or  emotional wounds are located.


  • 4 hours: 400 € / Skype 320 €
  • 8 hours: 800 € / Skype 640 €



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