NLP Coaching

FreedomWhy NLP?

This form of therapy can help you with most problems and conditions. We focus on solving the causes directly to what you’ve experienced as an obstacle for you to evolve forward.

Most psycho-therapies focus on the clients conscious thoughts and memories to process problems. That is, from the stand point where the client themselves perceives that they currently are. From that point of view, progress can take some time since the client is often stuck in strong negative states from which it is not always easy to access resources and solutions to what is causing the problems.

NLP, on the other hand presupposes that a person is much more than their thoughts and that problems and conditions has been created in and by the unconscious mind. Therefore, the coach use various language and visualizations techniques during the sessions in order to bypass the conscious mind. In this way, the client is able to reach a deeper understanding of the causes of the problems and can quickly access their inner resources for healing. Resources that have so far been kept under the surface due to the negative emotional states that maintain the problems.


In NLP-therapy sessions you can experience what it’s like to redeem your deep limiting beliefs and emotions and access more of your life energy. In these unique processes you get in touch with your own inner wisdom and the beginning of your true potential.

We meet for a first consultation and agree on how many sessions you invest in depending on your individual situation.


  • 1 hr 100 € / Skype 80 €
  • 2 hours 200 € / Skype 160 €

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