Delicious Chocolate Pudding with Avocado (raw, dairy & sugar free)

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When I recently offered one of my friends this dessert, she was silent for a while with the first  bite in her mouth and then came the slow … “wow, who would have thought…” I challenge everyone to try this … Continue reading

Chocolate Mousse with Avocado (dairy free)

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The very first thing that strikes you when you first taste this chocolate mousse is how exquisite it is. At the same time knowing that it’s also downright healthy only helps to enjoy it even more while you eat it. … Continue reading

Avocado Banana Sorbet with Lime and Agave

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Avocado is really a unique and exceptional fruit, smooth in texture, rich in nutrients and oils and with subtle flavours. It is suitable for making sauces as well as ice cream and other raw food desserts. This sorbet has freshness … Continue reading