Buckwheat & Hazelnut Bread with Apple

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I was really surprised at how amazing this bread turned out. Can gluten-free bread really taste this good?! It was an experiment, so luckily I took notes while  baking. I  used buckwheat flour and hazelnut meal which I made ​​myself … Continue reading

Walnut butter with Cinnamon

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You can easily make nut butters using basically any nut you choose. Peanutbutter is the most common, but I love almond butter, hazelnut butter and walnut butter and use it to spread on rye crisp bread or eat it with … Continue reading

Soft Hazelnut Biscuits with Honey & Raisins

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The recipe came about when I made an attempt at a coconut-lemon pie for which I needed a few egg yolks. It always feels wrong to throw away separated egg whites and meringue is not something I make very often. … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Peanut meal

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Banana Cake or Banana Bread is a typical American cake made of mashed fully ripe bananas. It is a very moist and sweet cake, but in the US it is often called “Banana Bread” and some recipes are baked like … Continue reading

Carrot Cake with Walnut flour (flourless & dairyfree)

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This carrot cake I made using home made walnut flour and date sirup as sweetening. It is deep in color and naturally moist in texture. I learned to bake American when I worked for a bagel bakery in Prague in … Continue reading

Buckwheat & Almond flour Crêpes

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Crepes, Swedish ones with jam and whipped cream was a favorite of mine as a child and something that I had given up hope of getting to eat again after I started respecting my allergies and sensitivity to certain foods. … Continue reading