Raw Zucchini”pasta” with Green Pea Pesto & Sun Dried Tomatoes

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Raw zucchini pasta, made from strips of uncooked zucchini is wonderful dish that can be varied in many ways. I made a quick pesto/puré-sauce with green peas, basil, garlic, olive oil and goat cheese of a cream cheese type. Serve … Continue reading

Almond Cream (raw food, dairy free)

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It is very easy to make your own almond cream or almond milk. This recipe for almond cream is the base for making your own almond milk. For almond milk you only use a larger amount of water and strain … Continue reading

Delicious Chocolate Pudding with Avocado (raw, dairy & sugar free)

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When I recently offered one of my friends this dessert, she was silent for a while with the first  bite in her mouth and then came the slow … “wow, who would have thought…” I challenge everyone to try this … Continue reading

The healthiest Strawberry Ice Cream ever? (dairy & sugar free)

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Might this ice cream be the world’s healthiest and tastiest?! I made it for an afternoon snack using chia pudding made ​​with coconut milk and vanilla powder and frozen strawberries. Chia seeds are extremely nutritious, among the most nutritious ingreadients … Continue reading

Walnut butter with Cinnamon

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You can easily make nut butters using basically any nut you choose. Peanutbutter is the most common, but I love almond butter, hazelnut butter and walnut butter and use it to spread on rye crisp bread or eat it with … Continue reading

Raspberries with Coconut cream, Licorice and Date syrup

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Experience a bit of magic and try this dessert! It came to when I wanted to try (to me) two new products; Date Syrup and Licorice Powder. The Date Syrup (brand: Sevan) my mother found in a regular grocery store and … Continue reading

Avocado Banana Sorbet with Lime and Agave

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Avocado is really a unique and exceptional fruit, smooth in texture, rich in nutrients and oils and with subtle flavours. It is suitable for making sauces as well as ice cream and other raw food desserts. This sorbet has freshness … Continue reading

Banana Sorbet with Coconut Cream

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When I served this dessert to guests, the response was overwhelming, someone said this, for her, was probably one of  top three desserts ever – and this from someone who usually eats both cream and white flour! This completely dairy- and … Continue reading